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These are the posters of the most emblematic bullfights in which José Tomás has participated. Free Download the original bullfight posters.

"Ésta es una profesión de reglas, sobre todo de las antiguas, y pocos se atreven a romperlas. El respeto a los mayores, o la admiración, o la inercia, pues no sé, nos hacen permanecer estancados. De tarde en tarde sale un torero revolucionario, pero sólo de tarde en tarde". José Tomás

Bullfight posters José Tomás, season 2016

Poster Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz 2016

toros jose tomas en jerez

Jerez 'The horse fair' 2016 programme

On Saturday, May 7, 2016, José Tomás returned to bullfight in Spain twenty-one months after his last performance at 2014 Málaga Fair.

With Juan José Padilla opening the afternoon and José María Manzanares closing, the three of them were confronted with bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo. 9,500 people overstocked the bullring under the rain.

Dressed in green leaf and gold, the one from Galapagar fought in first time with 'Lanudo', a red bull of 475 kg with number 120. José Tomás returned with his best bullfighting, slow and very still. With a lunge, he cut the two ears and the tail to the extraordinary animal, awarded with the return to the ring.

'Guerrita' was the second of his lot, number 177 with 500 kg and black mulatto. It did not have the same rhythm as the previous ones but the Spaniard managed to slow down the onslaught and put what the animal lacked. One ear was the prize for his performance.

José Tomás went out on shoulders with his two companions and the mayoral of the fighting bull ranch in an afternoon to remember.


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Bullfight Poster Alicante 2016

Alicante 'Las Hogueras de San Juan' fair 2016

In his second appearance of the 2016 Spanish season, José Tomás shared the poster of a mixed bullfight with the horse bullfighter Manuel Manzanares and his brother José Mari Manzanares. It was on June 24 in the Bullring of Alicante and again the bulls were from Núñez del Cuvillo.

 This time he chose a blue night and gold dress. He cut an ear to the first bull of his lot. And the triumph arrived with the fifth of the afternoon: named 'Cacareo', number 175, black and with 526 kg. A bull which deserved the return ring and José Tomás cut both ears. He made vibrate again the full lying rows of the bullring.

He left on shoulders with José Maria Manzanares.

cartel jose tomas en Alicante 2016



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Bullfight poster San Sebastián 2016

cartel jose tomas en San Sebastian 2016

San Sebastián bullfighting fair 2016

José Tomás made the ‘paseíllo’ in Illumbe on August 14, in a mixed bullfight that hung the desired 'No tickets'.

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza and El Juli were his poster companions, with bulls from Fermín Bohórquez for the horse bullfighter of Estella and Domingo Hernández-Garcigrande for the bullfighters on foot.

Wearing a blue king and gold sparkling dress, the bullfighter from Madrid lost the great triumph because of the sword. He ended up with his first one after two jabs, crossed thrusts and three final thrusts, for which his reward was left in an ovation. He did get one ear from the second of his lot after a jab and a rear lunge detached.

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Bullfight poster Huelva, Colombinas 2016

Huelva 'The Columbian Festival' 2016

In a dark orange and gold dress returned to bullfight in Huelva José Tomás on Friday, August 5, a usual bullring in his increasingly short seasons.

On this occasion he gave the alternative to David de Miranda, completing the posterAlberto López Simón . A Victoriano del Río bullfight with which the complete triple ended up on shoulders, on a hot, full-blown afternoon.

The bullfighter of Galapagar, with two strokes, cut two ears to his first opponent and another two to the second, this time a tail requesting included.

cartel plaza toros de Huelva

Download Huelva 2016, bullfight poster in original format Download Huelva poster 2016

Bullfight poster Valladolid 2016

cartel plaza de toros de valladolid

Valladolid, Fair of 'Our Lady of San Lorenzo' 2016

If a city felt lucky in 2016 it was Valladolid, a stage chosen by José Tomás to bullfight two afternoons at the same fair: September 4 and 9.

The afternoon of the 4th was a unique and special occasion, the tribute to Víctor Barrio. A bullfight whose profits were destined to the Foundation of the Bull of Lydia for the defense and promotion of the Bullfighting in which he shared poster with Padilla, Morante de la Puebla, El Juli, Manzanares and Talavante.

Dressed in scarlet and gold, he cut an ear the first afternoon.

On September 9 he appeared dressed in green leaf and gold, sharing the poster with the horse bullfighter Leonardo Hernández and José Mari Manzanares.

One ear of the first and two of the second of his lot from Núñez del Cuvillo were the booty of an afternoon in which he left on shoulders next to Manzanares from a crowded bullring.   

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Bullfight posters José Tomás, season 2014


Bullfight poster Granada 2014

cartel jose tomas

Granada, 'The Corpus Fair' 2014

On May 19, 2014, the day of the Corpus, the Great Day of Granada, returned to the Spanish bullrings José Tomás. A performance in Mexico the previous month was the reappearance from its apotheosis solitary enclosure in Nîmes in September 2012.

Finito de Córdoba and Rafael Cerro were his teammates; bulls from Victoriano del Río, Domingo Hernández-Garcigrande and a reserve one from Juan Pedro Domecq were the opponents. ‘No tickets’ was hung.

With a dark orange and gold dress, the bullfighter of Galapagar passed from hell to glory. The first of his lot was returned and a Juan Pedro bull came out and he cut off an ear. With the fifth, with 580 kg and the iron of Victoriano del Río, José Tomás ‘embroidered’ the bullfight but at the end of a serie he lost his face to the bull, it gave him a beating lefting him unconscious on the floor and the bullfighter was taken running to the infirmary. With the drama and uncertainty flitting through the bullring, Finito came in to kill the bull but failed. The bullfighter from Madrid reappeared as if he had been resurrected, without goring but with some broken ribs, and with half a thrust he passed it, obtaining from the audience the two ears that his performance had deserved.

Puerta Grande with Rafael Cerro, which did not materialize because of his respect to José Tomás who returned to nursing.   

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Bullfight poster Málaga 2014

Málaga 'bullfight fair' 2014

An exciting hand to hand with the horse bullfighter Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza was the poster of the penultimate bullfight of the fair, on August 23, 2014.

Dressed in rosewood and gold, he faced two Parladé bulls and another from Victoriano del Río. He was silenced after failing the thrust to the lax first bull.

However, the next two allowed him to do his best bullfighting and show off the game of his wrists. At the fourth of the afternoon, from Victoriano, he cut off an ear; while in the sixth, from Parladé, he cut both.

He left on shoulders alone with an absolutely full Malagueta.

He won the ‘Estoque de Plata’ to the winner of the Fair and the ‘Capote de Paseo’ to the Best Performance.

cartel plaza toros malaga jose tomas

Download Málaga 2016, bullfight poster in original format Download Málaga poster 2014


Bullfight posters José Tomás, season 2012

Bullfight poster Badajoz 2012

plaza badajoz jose tomas

Badajoz bullfight fair 2012

In the first one of his only two performances of 2012 in Spanish bullrings, José Tomás chose Badajoz to start. It was Monday, June 25, along with Padilla and El Juli with bulls from Garcigrande-Domingo Hernández.

Dressed in blue king and gold cut an ear to the first of his lot, lacking in rhythm. The fifth of the afternoon was whistled in the drag after the bullfighter from Galapagar cut off both ears, an impossible animal to which he did the impossible with mettle, elegance and softness.

13.000 people packed the rows of the bullring of Badajoz, who saw him leave on shoulders next to El Juli

Download  Badajoz 2012, bullfight poster in original format Download Badajoz poster 2012


Bullfight poster Huelva 2012

Huelva 'Las Colombinas' fair or Columbian Festivals 2012

Second and last performance of José Tomás in Spain in 2012. It was on August 3 in the bullring of La Merced, hand to hand with Morante de la Puebla and 'No tickets' was hung.

Bulls from Victoriano del Río, Jandilla and El Pilar were chosen by the bullfighter from Madrid, who stepped on the ring in a pink and gold dress.

One ear of the first, two of the second and ovation with greetings after request were the triumphs achieved by the one of Galapagar, which unleashed the madness among Huelva fans.

Columbian Festivals José Tomás

Download Huelva 2012 bullfight poster in original format Download Huelva poster 2012


Bullfight posters José Tomás, season 2011

Bullfight poster Valencia 2011

José Tomás en la Feria de Julio Valencia

Valencia 'The July Fair' 2011

José Tomás reappeared on Saturday, July 23, at the Valencia Fair, 14 months after the very serious goring of Aguascalientes, which almost cost him his life.

In the poster also Víctor Puerto and Arturo Saldívar, the bulls from El Pilar and the Xátiva bullring crowded by 10,500 people with the 'No tickets' hung.

Dressed in mauve and gold, visibly thinner and with more gray hair, he faced 'Burreñito', the violent second and 'Dulcero', fifth to which he cut an ear with a request for the second denied by the president, tumble at the beginning of the performance included.

Download Valencia 2011 bullfight poster in original format Download Valencia poster 2011


Bullfight poster Ciudad Real 2011

Ciudad Real 'Virgen del Prado' Fair 2011

He performed on August 19 in Ciudad Real with Víctor Puerto and César Jiménez, in front of bulls from Torrehandilla-Torreherberos.

Again a 'No tickets' hung, 42º C in the shade and José Tomás in blue night and gold. People from all over anxiously awaited the Galapagar one on the star poster of the Virgen del Prado Fair.

He cut an ear to its first bull after understanding it and to submit it justly but failed with the sword. Different luck ran with his second, which split right away and left the bullfighter with no options.

José Tomás en la Plaza de toros de Ciudad Real

Download Ciudad Real 2011, bullfight poster in original format Download Ciudad Real poster 2011

Bullfight poster Huelva 2011


Huelva 'Las Colombinas' fair or Columbian Festivals 2011

Dressed in green and gold, José Tomás made his second walk on the ring of 2011. Specifically on August 3 in the bullring of La Merced of Huelva, accompanied by Emilio Silvera and Daniel Luque. Again the bulls were from the fighting bull of El Pilar.

The usual 'No tickets' of the appearances of the bullfighter from Galapagar was met again, as well as the usual increase in season tickets at the Fair.

The best of his performance came with the first of his lot and the reward was an ear. After his second, lacking strength, he received an ovation.

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Bullfight poster Barcelona 2011

Barcelona 'The Merced' fair 2011

Like so many other seasons, José Tomás finished this one at the Monumental of Barcelona, but this time it was the last.

On Sunday September 25, 2011 the Monumental closed its doors after the prohibition of bullfights of the Generalitat, illegally, from 2012.

20,000 people overflowed the bullring to see Juan Mora, José Tomás and Serafín Marín with bulls from El Pilar. The afternoon became an authentic demand for freedom and respect in an environment of helplessness, nostalgia and much emotion.

The one from Galapagar, in black and gold, showed the best version of himself and performed an impeccable task to his first. He cut it both ears and even there was a request for a tail. In his second he failed with the sword and greeted an ovation.

He left by the Great Door next to his companions in an already historical image.

    José Tomás en Barcelona 2011


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