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José Tomás is, undoubtedly, the bullfighter who moves the masses in the Spanish bullring. Each of his (few) performances goes beyond the line of a bullfight, becoming a real event for the chosen town and only a few can enjoy.

When the phenomenon from Galapagar confirms his presence at a fair, the host city or town begins to prepare for what is a brutal injection at all levels. The economic impact of a fair is always important and very positive, but if José Tomás bullfights, the numbers multiply. Hotels, transports, bars and restaurants, shops ... everything is full. The benefits are counted in millions of euros.

Everyone wants to see him bullfighting, tell that has seen him in person and become part of the select club that has attended his bullfights, because each one is truly a milestone and they are part of the story.

That is why it is so difficult to get a single ticket and the way to secure a seat in the rows is paying the hole season ticket of the fair in question. The performances of José Tomás guarantee the 'No tickets' in any bullring.




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